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This is my logbook, crashbook, and sketchbook!
First Sketch: I really wanna see who makes a plane plan out of this- i randomly drew it cause why not!
IMG_20201016_091031 - Edited.jpg
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There are two old threads I and another guy started for people to share their sketches. They never really caught on, but if you like drawing, feel free to post your pictures in one of them as well.

It's been my experience that the only person likely to turn your ideas into a plane will be you. For whatever reason, people love looking at weird planes, but aren't as excited about making something that no one has ever heard of fly. But it's still worth doing, just for the fun and challenge of it. I love taking some idea I drew out that looked so good I couldn't forget it, and turning it into a real flying thing. I look forward to seeing the things you come up with in time and the planes you create for yourself out of nothing but an idea.

Here's on of my own for inspiration.
Race Plane CAD.JPG