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  1. Rasterize

    Plane Rasterize Skins for FT Spitfire "Battle of Britain" 1.1

    The first Flite Test warbird and a fan favorite, the FT Spitfire now has a great new look you can build and enjoy! Designed by DavidWindestål (our favorite Swed!) in 2017, the FT Spitfire is a joy to fly and known for it’s wonderful flight characteristics. Depicted is a livery that might be seen...
  2. Rasterize

    Skin Rasterize Skins for FT P40 Flying Tiger 2019-07-19

    Depicted is R.T. Smiths #77 of the American Volunteer Group aka the Flying Tigers. Skins are three 24X36 PDF's. Download button is in the upper right corner. You can print them to any size paper using the poster feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader (Downloadable free from Adobe) to tile them into...
  3. Rasterize

    Skin Rasterize Thunderbird Skins for Ben Harber's (Mid7night) F16 1

    Rasterize's skin for Ben Harber F16 Thunderbird. As seen at Flite Fest Ohio 2018. This skin was create as a "thank you" to Dan "Sp0nz" Sponholz for all his work on producing FT plans. Thanks Dan! The pilot name has been changed to Lt. Col. Kevin Walsh, current Commander/Leader and pilot of #1...