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  1. RCAiradventures

    An R/C Paramotor wing YOU can build!

    Hello, all! I would like to present to you my first of two designs - the LuteFisk. This is a high-performance 1.1m2 wing that will rival most other single-skin R/C Paraglider / Paramotor wings available on the market. I have spent the last few years developing (and mostly failing) this wing and...
  2. Maksym

    The Perfect Wallpaper!

    I always catch my cat doing weird stuff around the house, this one was worth to take a photo of! I would like to ask not to take credit of this photo since it is on my portfolio of my company.
  3. Rcplaneguy

    What's YOUR highest altitude??

    Hey all! Just wanted to know, what was you highest altitude you've achieved with your rc model? I don't have any pics or videos, but I've flown my bixler LOS until it was a speck in the sky. I'm guessing it was a thousand feet or so. Feel free to brag and post pictures and videos!:D