What's YOUR highest altitude??


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Hey all! Just wanted to know, what was you highest altitude you've achieved with your rc model? I don't have any pics or videos, but I've flown my bixler LOS until it was a speck in the sky. I'm guessing it was a thousand feet or so. Feel free to brag and post pictures and videos!:D


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Well, everywhere I fly we cannot exceed 400 feet. And I know I have not pushed that limit at all.


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I guess that we have to wait for a sailplane flyer to get reliable data. Their planes are huge compared to "normal" motorplanes and they have altimeters to help them know if they are in lift or sink areas. Many have loggers and can easily show evidence of their flying in graphs.
Getting high is not a problem with a glider - getting down can be worse if the plane gets to high or the lift is better than you can safely dive.