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An R/C Paramotor wing YOU can build!

Hello, all!

I would like to present to you my first of two designs - the LuteFisk. This is a high-performance 1.1m[SUP]2[/SUP] wing that will rival most other single-skin R/C Paraglider / Paramotor wings available on the market. I have spent the last few years developing (and mostly failing) this wing and am happy to offer a full set of plans and build videos to the R/C community.

I welcome questions and comments and am happy to assist with your builds wherever I can - these aircraft are a load of fun to fly and always turn heads at the field! Be prepared, though - they are a lot of work (but well worth it)! In this first revision of my post I will present a few things to get you started:

-Introduction video
-Build video playlist
-Material list
-Build package including design files, plans, and color designer

I will be updating this post often as I get my brain together and realize that I forgot to tell you something you need to know or give you something you need.

Introduction Video:

Build Series Playlist:

Material (partial, I'm sure) List (also covered in the build videos):
-3-4 yards of ripstop material: can be nylon or polyester. I use Ikarex PC31 from Kites and Fun Things.com
-Poster board
-3M super 77 or Super 90 spray adhesive
-Fabri-tac or similar adhesive
-80-100 meters of 50# or greater braided spectra line or similar - must be very low stretch
-5 mil laminating sheets and a laminator (see videos) - there are other options for this, but this seems to be the easiest
-Sewing machine and plenty of machine embroidery thread. I use Coates and Clark - it is slick, strong, and small diameter
-1/2" ballistic nylon strap (like from a camera strap), about 2 feet worth
-At least 6 small 'd' rings
-Lots of coffee and patience :)

This build series does not cover the cart. I will be covering carts and construction in another series, but there are many options for this.

Quick Specs:

Flying weight: 1500g minimum ( 0 wind), 1700-1800g general purpose flying (<5mph), 2000-2200g higher wind (5-7mph and up)

Power: 300 watts minimum, suggested 500-700 watts


View attachment LuteFisk Build Package.zip
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My dad is a paraglider pilot, from the first generation when it started and I want to get into that too.

I will need to look more in depth nto that and build him one!


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Thanks for posting this up. My buddy Wile E. was watching the paraglider shows at Flite Fest East and wanted an ACME paraglider to fly. Think this will be a better solution than what we came up with this year.

Quick update: the new color design of this wing recently had it's maiden! It flew just as it should with no adjustments needed - I am working on the plan sheets for this one now.


Pretty awesome. Been seeing these online but to expensive to buy but to make? I have plenty of time on my hands for that. Thanks for sharing your progresss in this.

@Mythradites - that's a beautiful thing! I have a print just like that over my desk as 'artwork'. I can't wait to see photos of your progress - and flight video!

Let me know if you need any help along the way.

Just thought of a couple of specs that I wanted to specify (I'll also edit the original post with these)

Flying weight: 1500g minimum ( 0 wind), 1700-1800g general purpose flying (<5mph), 2000-2200g higher wind (5-7mph and up)

Power: 300 watts minimum, suggested 500-700 watts
I would love to see a little more detail on the rigging. As well as an explanation of what the A, B, C-D lines are.
Also I'm a little fuzzy as to the rigging towards the tips of the wing. If there is anyway you could post a video about that it would be of extreme benefit!


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I've got my templates cut out!
Just waiting on the material delivery.
Material delivery? So then I can't just run out to JoAnn Fabric to do a scratchbuilt wing?

How much does an RC paraglider DIY cost more or less. I understand there can be variations in cost as there is for anything but what is the general starting point for something that you would recommend?
Well, you can get the fabric from Jo-Ann. In fact, the prototype was made from this fabric - buuuut, it is definitely not ideal. It's heavy, soft, and does not resist water like the Icarex. I still have the prototype and it flies fine, but just not as locked-in as the better material. The good stuff will run about $18 a yard and you will need 2-3 yards to make this wing.

If you use the spider line that I use, that will be about $35 for the two rolls (one of 80# and one of 30#). The risers can be made from a lot of different things - I used a dog leash from the Dollar Tree. The D-rings can be found for a couple of bucks from the craft / fabric store.

Sooo.. it takes somewhere around $100 worth of materials to make one of these wings. To buy a similar wing from Opale or another vendor will be at least $289 (what I paid for my Opale Power 1.1). Remember, this does not take into account the hardware for the cart (motor, esc, servos, rx).

These are definitely a labor of love. If you doubt that you are up to it, then purchasing a complete Opale package from Esprit Models in Florida is a viable option. The Power 1.1 with pilot, cart, motor, esc, and servos (just need rx and battery) will run about $675. This was the package that I first purchased while my wing was in development in order to learn the launch and flight technique.

I hope this helps to answer your question!
Our Lutefisk build

I have recently discovered this rc paraglider and the excellent build videos made by Mr. RCAiradventures, and thought to myself "that looks so awesome, I wish I knew how to sew." I was so blown away by the level of detail, and the attention to detail that one must pay in order to build something like this. It's literally as complex as a full size paraglider, just scaled down!

I thought it was so cool,I showed my wife. She was like, wow, that looks hard to do, we should make one of those together! I was surprised by her response to say the least, she sure is a keeper:cool:! So here I am, learning to sew!:confused:

So we went to Staples, got full size plans printed out, and made templates. We then ordered Icarex PC31 in red, yellow, and blue. I'm very impressed by this material, it seems flimsy because of its lightness, but is really super strong. So far, we've cut out all the fabric parts, and sewed together the first 6 panels. It's taking awhile, because we cut lots of practice parts and sewed them together first.

This thing is well designed! We are truly having a blast putting it together. I'm still a bit nervous about the attachment points and the rib stiffeners, but I think we'll practice until we get it.

I was going to post pictures, but I can't for some reason. I guess they'll come later!

We want to give a huge thank you to Mr. RCAiradventures, for all your hard work designing and testing this wing, and all your work making videos. And then making it all accessible to us...... For FREE!!!! Thank you so much!