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    3D plane recommendations?

    Hi, I am thinking about getting a 3D plane and am looking for some recommendations. I want one that is very durable, is made of foam, can fly very slowly, can high alpha, hover, do harriers, do rolling harriers, has at least a five minute flight time, can be flown outside with 10 mph wind, costs...
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    Quad Recommendations

    I've spent hours researching all over the internet, but can't seem to get a straight answer to this question: What characteristics does a quadcopter need to have for easy handling in high wind (20 mph)? Flight Style: Slow, Steady, Long-Duration Flights with FPV. Compatibility Considerations...
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    Which FT Airplanes Go With These Electronics?

    I have a few electronics packs of the same type put together, and I'm wondering which FT airplanes are compatible with them. Each electronics pack contains: 1x 2200kv 342W Motor (weight: 50 grams) 1x 30A ESC (with 5V/2A BEC) 4x Micro Servos (9g/1.5kg/0.10sec) 4x 50cm Servo Leads 1x 6x4E...
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    Easy Star 2 - Motor/ESC/Battery Recommendations? Build Tips?

    I recently picked up a Multiplex Easy Star 2 kit, and I'm looking for recommendations and tips from those who have had some experience flying, building, and tweaking this plane. Eventually I would like to outfit the ES2 for FPV, but I'm not quite at that stage yet. For now, my top priority is...