3D plane recommendations?

Hi, I am thinking about getting a 3D plane and am looking for some recommendations. I want one that is very durable, is made of foam, can fly very slowly, can high alpha, hover, do harriers, do rolling harriers, has at least a five minute flight time, can be flown outside with 10 mph wind, costs no more than $200, comes with the motor, servos, ESC, can fly in small areas, and has a wingspan no bigger than 45 inches. If anyone has any recommendations for 3D planes that meet the criteria listed above it would be greatly appreciated.
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The fancyfoam raptor is a great flying 3D plane and doesn't necessarily come with the motor but you can just tick the boxes and if you get everything but a receiver the whole plane is about $120. I have flown mine on a 460 mah 3s in 30 mph winds gusting up to 40 (i live in kansas) but it can fly with anything from a 200 mah 2s to a 1300 mah 3s but the heavier the battery the less floaty it would fly.
Thanks for your reply! I was also wondering if anybody knows anything about Twisted Hobby's 3D planes, if they are good, and which one if any of them meet the criteria I listed in the first post?
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Twisted Hobby's are very good planes. I have several from them and would certainly buy more. I have a 39" edge but it runs around $250 for everything but the receiver. If you drop down to the 36" you can get to the $200 range with the power combo. EPP is extremely durable and I would strongly recommend it for a 3D trainer. They are very light and floaty so they fly really slow. 5 minute flight time really depends on flying style and battery but with a 3s 860 I get over 5 minutes. As for wind, these planes are under a pound with the battery so the wind blows them around pretty good.

Also these come as a kit and require a few hours to build.