1. BS projects inc.

    James May sets a radio controlled glider record!

  2. K

    Supreme Skills! World Record for Paper Plane Flight Distance

    I ran across this on YT and thought it of interest to many here, so I thought I would share: Humorous Japanese TV show kitch aside, there really are some fantastic and novel ideas presented. It's brilliant, really! Check it out! Cheers +kenrom-
  3. I

    Recording toggle

    In every non-commercial setup I have looked at the FPV system is completely separate from the flight control system. I want to setup a 'Start Recording' toggle on my flight transmitter but I cannot see how to connect the flight receiver to the Mobius or GoPro. Most commercial builds will have a...
  4. Rcplaneguy

    What's YOUR highest altitude??

    Hey all! Just wanted to know, what was you highest altitude you've achieved with your rc model? I don't have any pics or videos, but I've flown my bixler LOS until it was a speck in the sky. I'm guessing it was a thousand feet or so. Feel free to brag and post pictures and videos!:D