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In every non-commercial setup I have looked at the FPV system is completely separate from the flight control system. I want to setup a 'Start Recording' toggle on my flight transmitter but I cannot see how to connect the flight receiver to the Mobius or GoPro. Most commercial builds will have a button or toggle on the transmitter to start recording but every other setup I see you have to start the recording from the device before you take off. Is this not easily doable or is this simply a feature no one cares about?

I do not actually have an FPV system yet; I am just researching options and noticed this doesn't seem to be one without buying an RTF type system.

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couple of options . . .

1. There are a handful of radio controlled relays that could cut power to the video system -- the video system would have to boot up in a running/recording mode, but a flip of a switch and a few moments for everything to power up and it's all running.

2. Leave it running.
- For FPV video, so long as you have the power available and as long as you're not interfering with others, there's no harm in ignoring it until you need it, or ignoring it until after you've landed.
-For recorded video, what you want to record usually happens 15s before you press record. Again, so long as it has power and recording space, it's better to over-record and edit, than create a separate snippit that you'll have to edit into a larger video.

YMMV, but from what I've seen of RTF platforms that support video record switches, for the majority of us it's a cute but useless function. It won't save you from editing , but instead might make you miss the really cool 15s of footage in the 10min flight.


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Thank you for responding! Your point is well made. I might have to quote your "cute but useless function" observation. I suppose there is no functional reason behind the desire, it just seemed cleaner. Or cuter. Anyway, thank you for your input.