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    RC Plane Fun - An intuitive site to help RC Pilots!

    Come check out the new site, RC plane Fun! Here you can learn all about RC aircraft, airplanes, helicopters, and quadcopters! This is a great site for beginners just getting into the hobby and want to know "what next" and "how to!" There is also a weekly blog for new tips, tricks, and...
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    Make an airplane controlled with a PS3 remote

    I just started watching your youtube videos, and I never thought I would enjoy watching them as much as I do. I have a feeling that you guys like to do "Different", and though I have seen military drones being controlled by video game console remotes before, I would like to see you guys try. And...
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    HobbyKing 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 HELP PLEASE??

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone has used this transmitter and receiver set from hobby king http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__9042__Hobby_King_2_4Ghz_6Ch_Tx_Rx_V2_Mode_2_.html Thinking of getting it for a quadcopter build? Any thoughts on it? What would the range be on something like...
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    transmitter that can sync?

    Hey, My name is Toby. I have this remote for a quadcopter and it seems to sync to the copter every time it turns on. it uses the same thing as the dx6i's when you want to sync it to the device you put the throttle to full and it will beep 3 times. it says its 4 channel but im not sure if it will...