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HobbyKing 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 HELP PLEASE??

I have a couple of them. Range seems fine. The challenge is programing. You will need the usb cable. I built a bluetooth to serial dongle for mine so I can make changes using my android. Search rcgroups for "digital radio" and HK-T6A. It is still a pain. I found a Dx6i for $60 on ebay is a better starter transmitter.


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Posted a thousand or more times


Posted a thousand or more times
Reading about the FlySky i6 and I think it's a good value on sale or not.



there's a video showing 1700m range test with the iA10 rx. HK claim 500m + for the iA6B V2 rx. Seems the iA6B V2 supports ppm which is cool too.

and there is already interest in hacking it...


you can get it here in the UK. Bit more money but it's in stock
or here from Canada or wherever banggood are with free shipping for similar money and free shipping. Comes with the non telemetry i6A RX.
or the hobbyking UK warehouse as it turns out. Just figured out how to look at it.
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