1. ServoCity

    Simple Pan & Tilt mechanism for antenna tracking

    Build your own easy solution for a strong and powerful tilt system - great for antenna trackers. Here is a quick clip of the tilt in motion. This video shows a Channel Gearboxe for Standard Size Servos (180° Max Rotation) rotation modification and 5:1 gear ratio. Here's a list of what you...
  2. S

    Prop Rotation?

    Here's what I think I know. Please help me. I think standard rotation = left hand rotation = counter clockwise rotation. I'm assuming that I would be fine ordering either type of prop as long s I had the motor spinning the right direction? Yes or no? If the previous statement is true then I...
  3. R

    Old Speedster prop rotation

    Hi all, I purchased a 9047R SF prop from HobbyKing. As I look at the prop from the front of the plane it will be rotating clockwise. Did I buy the wrong direction of rotation? I know this plane is sensitive to torque...