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Prop Rotation?


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Here's what I think I know. Please help me.

I think standard rotation = left hand rotation = counter clockwise rotation.

I'm assuming that I would be fine ordering either type of prop as long s I had the motor spinning the right direction? Yes or no?

If the previous statement is true then I assume
Left hand rotation props require a motor spinning counter clockwise for proper thrust, correct?
If I purchase a right hand rotation prop, can I just switch the rotation of the motor and use that prop?



Old age member
Electric brushless motors are fine in both directions. Just swap 2 of the 3 motor wires to change direction.
Most combustion engines run better in the right direction (few run equal in both), but there are motors for both directions to buy (special order). If you want to fly scale you might want the same rotation as the original plane. Tiger Moth is one of many with "reverse" or clockwise rotation seen from the front.


creator of virtual planes
With an electric motor a counter clock wise and clock wise prop will fly just the same. Torque roll will be in opposite directions, but generally it's not something that noticeable. However, if your plane has a thrust angle to counter torque roll, then it will be horribly worse if you use the wrong rotation of prop. Also, I know that the FT Old Speedster has one wing longer than the other to counter the torque roll, so that is another exception.

It is also important to know that prop adapters use the spin of the motor to help tighten it's self and if you use the opposite rotating prop then you run the risk of the prop adapter loosening and loosing a prop. If you are using a prop saver, that is not concern. Or you can just use some lock tight and/or double nut the prop on so it doesn't loosen.