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    taranis Q x7 no rssi as a source

    hello! i made this account after days of searching online with no luck. i'm trying to make voice alert for low RSSI in my taranis x7 but there's no such option. i've updated the firmware, i've searched new sensors in telemetry tab. i updated my receiver (frsky xm+). betaflight shows RSSI like it...
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    Help - RSSI on OSD

    Title pretty much explains it, I'm looking for a simple way to get the RSSI signal from FrSky receivers onto my video signal. I've done it on one of my miniquads using the Betaflight F3 board and its built in OSD, but I'm looking for something to use on flying wings and quads with cheap fc's...
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    RSSI and RTH

    I have 2 questions: Are there any receivers compatible with a Spektrum dx6 that have RSSI output? Can you set up return to home with a TBS GPS on a naze32?
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    Arduino RSSI Meter

    For those interested to monitor the strength of video downlink in the ground station, here's an option using Arduino and a small LCD: Arduino Code: * Videos: * *
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    RX with RSSI support and compatible with Turnigy 9X

    Hi Guys, Just bought a EPP FPV from HK, previously been flying multi rotor FPV, but fancied a plane. I have bought a SUPPO OSD (formerly known as Pigeon OSD), I'd really like to get RSSI on my OSD, but my TGY 9X RX needs a whole bunch of messing with to get at the RSSI info. Can anyone...