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RX with RSSI support and compatible with Turnigy 9X


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Hi Guys,

Just bought a EPP FPV from HK, previously been flying multi rotor FPV, but fancied a plane.

I have bought a SUPPO OSD (formerly known as Pigeon OSD), I'd really like to get RSSI on my OSD, but my TGY 9X RX needs a whole bunch of messing with to get at the RSSI info.

Can anyone recommend a turnigy 9x compatible RX which will give me my RRSI data without any mods?



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I'm sorry. I misread the OP. I was thinking you wanted the display on the Tx, not your OSD...Please disregard my faulty answer.


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One other option with a stock 9x TX is there's a guy on rcgroups.com who's come up with a DIY RX that has RSSI out. But you've got to be pretty good at electronics to pull it off. He shared the schematics and the code but it's not even a kit level project. I thought about trying to piece a few together but quickly got in over my head (and I made my own MW flight controller from a spare arduino...)