1. VolksRocket

    Aerospace Vehicle Operation Guidelines

    Hi, Here is a minimum set of Aerospace Vehicle Operation Guidelines for RC and AC to follow and comment on. We have been using these for over 30 years. 1. Aerospace Vehicles will be operated in such a manner as to give way to any other Aerospace Vehicle. 2. Aerospace Vehicles will be operated...
  2. G

    FAA cancels its old 91-57 - Model Aircraft Operating Standards Anyone know what this means to us? What are the rules or "guidelines" now? What is the status of...
  3. G

    Roswell Flight Test Crew's excellent interpretation of the FAAs reinterpretation
  4. jsut210

    80% Rule v.s. Voltage Cutoff

    I am still a bit of a newb to the hobby right now so I have came across one question regarding LiPo discharge. I have read all around that a healthy voltage to discharge a Lipo to is about 3.7v, nominal voltage (Not under load). So as a beginner, I have a battery alarm on my tricopter that...
  5. S

    NOOB ALERT: Fpv setup questions.. :D

    Okay so here is the basic problem that i have.. As much as i read around the topic of FPV there are still a few things i am failing to understand.. I understand that its not as simple as buying a few bits and bobs and BOOM.. ur 'fpving' Looking at setting up a reasonably cheap fpv rig...