1. Power_Broker

    RunCam Hybrid Enclosure

    Made an FPV mount for my RunCam Hybrid. I'll be installing it on a fully stabilized gimbal for my latest plane. Hopefully this will be useful for others trying to do FPV with this particular camera setup. Let me know if you'd like to see other features/fixes! --> Download (Thingiverse) <--
  2. F

    Solved RunCam Micro Eagle running on its own LiPo possible?

    Hi, I have some fundamental technical knowledge but am new to FPV equipment. Maybe you guys know the solution to a problem I ran into: What I have at home is the RunCam Micro Eagle with the RunCam TX200U transmitter. I want to create a compact little module with its own power supply, so I can...
  3. fliteadmin

    Part micro RunCam Split 3D Pod 1.0

    This is a Micro RunCam Split enclosure that fits the aesthetics of the FliteTest Dart and the Sparrow. It houses a full micro RunCam Split and a VTX and gives you the capability of being able to swap it out in different planes without re-soldering anything. Click the download button on...
  4. Snarls

    Armattan Rooster 6" Build Log

    I don't know about you guys, but when you are in a multirotor club there are some components that just become ubiquitous. For instance, within the past couple months four of our club members, including me, have upgraded to Emax litespec motors. When it comes to frames, the popular choice has...
  5. R

    DIY Micro FPV Pan/Tilt setup

    Hello people, I thought I’d share my DIY Pan and Tilt mount in case anyone else wanted a micro setup. Using two old servos, some servo arms and hot glue she works surprisingly well! I used thread locker on the screws that hold the camera itself so they will not (or should not) come lose.
  6. P

    Micro cam and 2 DSMX receivers to finish my beauties. I will have extra stuff.

    Loving this Kwad hobby!!! Had a couple disasters but have finally built out a beautiful Chameleon AND Japalura but ran out of money (and permission to spend it from the wife, lol). I don't have the DSMX (SBUS?) receivers and a micro camera I need to finish them as I only have an eagle and it's...
  7. O

    Runcam Split “Hack” 3D Printer files available?

    Hey FT gang! Any chance there will be (or are there already) 3D Printer files available for the RunCam Split hardware kit you recently put a video out on? Thanks! - Jes
  8. L

    Problems with FPV Video Signal Cutting out, and w/ TBS Unify Pro Higher Power Levels

    Hello everyone, I finally finished building my first FPV quad. It is a 3S MHQ2 (3D Printed). I built it as a starter quad so I learn the ins and outs, and then can move on to a better quad. Everything is working smoothly, except for one thing: the FPV system. I am using a Runcam Eagle, TBS...
  9. Roandb

    Is runcam compatible with immersion rc

    I have an immersion rc 600mw transmitter and I want run a runcam swift with the transmitter. I'm just wondering whether they will work together. Would like some help! Thanks.