Micro cam and 2 DSMX receivers to finish my beauties. I will have extra stuff.


PitVipR PlayS
Loving this Kwad hobby!!!

Had a couple disasters but have finally built out a beautiful Chameleon AND Japalura but ran out of money (and permission to spend it from the wife, lol). I don't have the DSMX (SBUS?) receivers and a micro camera I need to finish them as I only have an eagle and it's in the chameleon anyway. I have an AR610 that I don't think I'll ever use because I've been told it's for a wing... If anyone has a couple of those quad diversity recievers or lemonRx would be great just so i can get these beauties in the air!!! I think I have a couple of things I can contribute to someone...

What I need total:
Small micro camera in order of which I would get my self: mini predator, micro arrow, micro sparrow, micro swift, micro caddx
2 DSMX/DSM2 quad receivers: Original, LemonRX, or OrangeRX

What I have extra that I know of even before being done:
Spektrum AR610 6-Channel PPM Sport receiver.
Naze32 Acro FC
Omnibus f4 pro FC (has usb port broken off but still works and flies fine I just never got the item you need to reconnect the board to the pc.) If you use smartaudio or lua scripts you can even still pid tune...

Might be extra after the build:
Set of 4 wizard x220 purple 2205 2300kv motors.

Happy Flying to all of you and I hope we all get in the air sooner or later, lol!!!