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scractch build

  1. bassettjasper

    Help Me Graduate College!

    Okay I will admit the title of this tread is a bit of click-bait, but don't click away yet! You might have seen me at Flite Fest East the last two years running around in a colorful dinosaur tank top. I am a senior mechanical engineer at Trine University which is a private university in the...
  2. GMalatrasi

    First Build: From LongEZ to not-so-easy Starship >_<

    Hello Everyone, and welcome to my first scratch build thread! This all started when I decided it was time to build my first foam board plane and went on to order the speed-build kit for the FT LongEZ. Once I ordered that, I began to order all the electronic components for it; and I figured it'd...
  3. B

    PERFECT Bevel Cuts, Thanks to my 3D printer.

    So like many others after drooling over how easy flitetest makes scratch build look, I decided to ripe apart some 10+ year old planes, and a few trips to Amazon, and had everything I needed. I started building my plan and when I tried to make my first bevel cut, it looked like I tossed it to a...