scractch build

  1. Crazed Scout Pilot

    Design of The Month

    I thought it would be nice if at the end of every month you post what your favorite plane designs that you built or are working on. Also include what you enjoyed about the build/flying experience, and what you did not enjoy about the build/flying experience. Also you could include what you plan...
  2. ramarao

    Diy slowfly rc plane build

    Hi this my new scratch build rc plane. 1200mm wing span i used to 5mm depron. electronics: 1000kv motor 30A esc 1300mah 3s battery 10inch slowfly prop
  3. ark

    Twin Boom Simple Stick Pusher

    Thanks for your help with my questions about using bevel cuts vs a/b folds (I'm now a huge fan of bevel cuts) and also about adding weight or making it longer to get the right CG (I had to make it really long!). I finished my Twin Boom Pusher based on the Hangar Simple Stick and maidened it...
  4. bassettjasper

    Help Me Graduate College!

    Okay I will admit the title of this tread is a bit of click-bait, but don't click away yet! You might have seen me at Flite Fest East the last two years running around in a colorful dinosaur tank top. I am a senior mechanical engineer at Trine University which is a private university in the...
  5. GMalatrasi

    First Build: From LongEZ to not-so-easy Starship >_<

    Hello Everyone, and welcome to my first scratch build thread! This all started when I decided it was time to build my first foam board plane and went on to order the speed-build kit for the FT LongEZ. Once I ordered that, I began to order all the electronic components for it; and I figured it'd...
  6. B

    PERFECT Bevel Cuts, Thanks to my 3D printer.

    So like many others after drooling over how easy flitetest makes scratch build look, I decided to ripe apart some 10+ year old planes, and a few trips to Amazon, and had everything I needed. I started building my plan and when I tried to make my first bevel cut, it looked like I tossed it to a...