1. Repairman

    My wife blames flitetest

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted before but have been checking in for a few months now. My son and I first discovered Flitetest on YouTube. I remember the first ever video we watched, it was this the DIY Foam Board Water Plane (The FT Sea Duck). My son, who is 4, wanted one immediately, and still...
  2. F

    Testing Out New DTFB Scratch-built FPV Plane

    Greetings, Would love to get thoughts on the plane and the video, I have PDF plans and have been thinking of doing a build video and FT article, let me know if there is interest in this type of plane. Dimensions: ~54" Wingspan ~40" Fuselage Setup: 30amp Red Brick ESC Turnigy 9 gram servos...