scratch builds

  1. Christopher14

    Fishing Rod Slope Soarer

    Among my various adventures in RC flight many of my favorites involve madcap scratch-built gliders. The formula is simple: take any suitable fuselage boom (be it an arrow-shaft, a fishing pole, etc.), a set of wings which started out in your head as the most streamlined wings in the history of...
  2. orange_rc_pilot

    180% FT Racer

    I'm thinking of building a 180% FT Racer over Christmas, and I am not quite sure that I'm using the best power setup. My aim is to fly at 70mph (112kph) for fast low passes, but also to be able to fly a gentle 35mph (56kph) for smooth scale flight. I will be using a 50-sized motor, with 2000w...
  3. R

    Part 5 of my X-29 biuld

    Here is Part 5 of my X-29 build using laminated dollar tree foam
  4. W

    CHALLENGE: Make a car fly

    Get any hobby-grade RC car, and without removing anything on the car, find a way to make it fly by taking off on the wheels. The car must be fully functional, the plane able to climb to 10 feet, and no copters allowed.
  5. W

    CHALLENGE: Build a plane using a car motor

    Get any materials you need, then build a plane with a car motor and somehow connect a plane esc to the motor. I'm sure this would be amazingly fast.
  6. T

    FT Simple Soarer Mod "E" style

    I'm sure more than a few of us have opted to use the swappable pod for the SS so we can motor up and glide the day away! I found one thing that got to me- to have correct CG I had to cram an 1500mAh battery in the front. The issue is that then the plane ended up weighing more than it had to...
  7. M

    Scratch Builders in Puerto Rico

    Hello! My name is Manuel and I am interested in finding other Scratch Builders in Puerto Rico to share this experience.