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  1. W

    Tiny Whoop Commissions!

    I am, as you can see by the title, doing Tiny Whoop commissions! If you do not want to spend the time, have the skills, or for whatever reason want to build one yourself, I am here for you! What is a Tiny Whoop? A Tiny Whoop is a BLADE Inductrix, with a FPV setup. These things are a blast to...
  2. E

    Needed brushed ESC

    I am working on a project that requires a brushed ESC. I'm looking for a cheap one under $10 if you are willing. Any amperage rating is fine. I can pay shipping. Colorado Springs, CO USA
  3. The Alpine Ace

    Suggestions for selling kits

    Hi guys, I've been into scratch building for a few days now, and I'm a teenager who could use every extra buck I can find. Do I decided to put two and two together and see if I can make money doing something I love! I've designed a 30" chuck glider that uses foamboard and a few nails (for...
  4. J

    nano qx fpv ( unopened) $100

    pm me if interested ( no googles) using 5.8ghz
  5. J

    Any thing crashed (cheap junk) under 100

    Just anything crashed that you dont want to repair, i live in boston but shipping will be 50/50