Tiny Whoop Commissions!

I am, as you can see by the title, doing Tiny Whoop commissions!
If you do not want to spend the time, have the skills, or for whatever reason want to build one yourself, I am here for you!

What is a Tiny Whoop?

A Tiny Whoop is a BLADE Inductrix, with a FPV setup. These things are a blast to fly.


Base Tiny Whoop (Stock Inductrix with FPV): $110.00

-Add on:

+Upgraded Battery (200mAh, 1 cell, 35C) (four pack, also comes with stock battery): $20.00
+Upgraded Motors (Medium), (Fast), or (Insane): $30.00
+Upgraded Frame (Carbon Fiber and Aluminum, comes in red, orange, gold, silver, black, green, and blue): $50.00

For purchases, questions, or to contact me for any reason, please email tinywhoopcommissions@gmail.com, and I will get back to you shortly!

Note: Does NOT come with a transmitter, FPV goggles, or a case for the Tiny Whoop. I can however, show you where to get those.


A Severe Lack of Sense
the 789 camera is superior to the blade camera. So.. there's some value there. If this were coming mulleted, with the top.. it might be something too.

That said, it's still like 10 days till the FPV inductrix comes out....

I hope you get a few orders! :) The little guy should get money too.