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servo jitter

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    New to the forum, new to the hobby!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this hobby. Flying some DJI quadcopters for work got me into it (and flite test videos) - I want to eventually build my own surveying drone (my endgoal would be a VTOL with all the bells and whistles!) but I thought I should start from scratch! So I just finished...
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    Hello Good People of RC world, I am in need of a great help, last week i jad sent my radio Turnigy 9X to a friend for repairing due to i accidently put the li po in reverse polarity, well its fixed but now i have 2 problems arise, 1- my radio doesnt have the buzzer function anymore everytime...
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    SOLVED - Tricopter servo jitter

    Tricopter & KK2.1 board & Servo Jitter Problem - Tricopters seem to have common problem with KK2.1 board and servo jitter. I just built a FliteTest tricopter with KK2.1 board (flashed up to Steveis v1.9S1), Spektrum-Orange 6 channel RX R615X, Emax ES3154 digital servo, Emax 2213-935kv motors. I...