New to the forum, new to the hobby!


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Hi everyone,
I am new to this hobby. Flying some DJI quadcopters for work got me into it (and flite test videos) - I want to eventually build my own surveying drone (my endgoal would be a VTOL with all the bells and whistles!) but I thought I should start from scratch! So I just finished building myself a tiny trainer from scratch - and loved the process. Of course there are many things I did wrong - but I guess that's how you learn right?
- I still can't fly it - I crashed it a couple of times already but so far it's still alive!
- It took me forever to build it - some parcels never made the long journey all the way from china to my apartment - some things were ordered wrong etc.
- It's never ending... e.g. I have a frsky transmitter so I thought ok I need a receiver - so I bought one. But hey, that doesn't have anything to plug a servo in - so I needed to get a pwm - sbus adapter. Turns out I ALSO need a servo channel changer! Then of course I bought the wrong battery, and the motor was a bit big as well! So many things to think of if you start without knowing anything (and you don't just by the kit). If I'd do it again I'd definitely buy the power pack - I now found out there are distributors for it here in the UK!
- I think I'm getting there - I'm just hoping next weekend is decent weather so I can fly!
- I still need to work out how to stop my servos from buzzing like crazy! They should move freely, but I think I need to somehow change the deadband (?) maybe? I'll try to figure that one out next.

There is loads to learn for me and I am really enjoying it! I will hopefully get it flying soon! I might pick your wonderful brains in the future, but for now, most topics are covered in forums already! All the best,


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Welcome Felix,

Try and get a video of your next flight so we can all cheer you on when it flies, and if the unimaginable happens we can look at the footage and try and get the problem diagnosed.


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Welcome Brother. Please know we are all here for each other. Proof of flight is important. Allows you to toot your own horn, we can jump up and down with you and and commiserate when you crash. then the vid can help you figure out the why, which isn't always easy.


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Welcome. Your servos should not be buzzing. I don't know what a "dead band" is. I do know that you need a receiver matched to the transmitter. PWM-Sbus adapter? Servo channel changer? I've no clue what those are. I've got (seemingly) the most complicated to program transmitter anyone has ever designed and built.

I say that because I'm actually a noob, and I'm still struggling to get the darn thing to work with a sim. But...

I don't need the stuff you mentioned to make my servos move and the engine rev. I can do that. Back it up a bit, tell us your TX and RX. Make and model. Not just "Got the FrSky."

From my understanding, you need a tx, a rx, motor, esc and servos. That's it.

Help the knowledgeable people here out with some good info, and then they can help you.

Be Welcome to our little family. I am glad you are here.