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Borneo Pilots
Hello Good People of RC world,
I am in need of a great help, last week i jad sent my radio Turnigy 9X to a friend for repairing due to i accidently put the li po in reverse polarity, well its fixed but now i have 2 problems arise,

1- my radio doesnt have the buzzer function anymore everytime i turn it on theres no sound,
2- when i plug in any servo on my receiver its the servo is shaking, or some may call it jitter, and sometimes late respond to my stick movement, the throttle also have the same problem,

I been cracking my head and asking here and there to solve this problem but mostly they only advice me to bought a new transmitter, i knew that was the last thing i could do cause iam on a low budget for my precious hobby, please...please....please help.me out here,
I already tried them on a new servo and a bunch of other servo but it just cant stop shaking, please guys help me....


Old and Bold RC PILOT
I understand you concern over the cost of a replacement transmitter but then I ask you what would be the cost if you crashed every plane you tried to fly from now on if using that damaged transmitter. If a new transmitter is beyond your reach you could consider a cheaper transmitter/Rx combo to keep you flying whilst you save up for the new transmitter. Heck most RC users have their old TX/RX systems laying around gathering dust and so if you know other users perhaps one has an older system that you could borrow.

Here in AUS our insurance terms require the insured to minimise risk where possible and to never do anything which could increase risk of damage or personal injury. So in order to remain insured we should never fly using equipment that is damaged or not operating correctly. Having your tx repaired professionally may be more expensive than a new one.

Seriously your options are really limited.

Good luck in getting it all sorted!

Have fun!


Wake up! Time to fly!
I would contact the vendor and inquire about a factory "Refurbishment". It may be cheaper then a new buy and they may if you talk nicely go ahead and replace it under warranty. Explain it was your oops and be honest. Who knows in this day and age that may actually gain you points after all the others go the "It wasn't my fault" route. I am sure they are very tired of hearing and arguing that point.


Borneo Pilots
Thanks guys i already ordered a flysky fs-i6, thought that i may lost my planes is something horrible, so i spent on in a cheap transmitter, anyway thanks for the advices...