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short circuit

  1. PenguinWings

    Femto F3 Short Circuit Hunt

    Hello Everyone, My Femto F3 on my Gremlin seems to have a tiny short. It powers up okay, arms most of the time, and even begins to spin up the motors. If I spike the throttle, however, it goes back to idle and disarms. I put a multimeter on the power leads and got an 11 on the highest Ohms...
  2. P

    Short Circuit - ESC or Battery?

    I have bought the Bixler 2 about half a year ago now on hobbyking.com and it flew pretty well with a 20A ESC and a 2200 mAh battery (which i bought two of) both from hobbyking. But now some days ago, while i was flying, my plane became entirely uncontrollable and crashed headfirst. Afterwards...
  3. L

    Q450 v3 - Power distribution board - short circuit after soldering ESC or not?

    Hi all, just bought a Q450 v3 quad frame. I solder all ESCs to the Q450 v3 power board. To check if everything is ok, I used my multimeter in transistor mode and: - 1st, + with + Result: Started with a value that reached 0 after a few seconds (common behavior when connectivity...
  4. D

    Battery and receiver troubles

    I jut got my LiPo battery in the mail today. My dad and I were trying to hook it up to the receiver and it simply would not fit. In trying to get it to fit we unwittingly turned to connector around and fried the receiver. Because of the way the battery plug is, it won't fit in the right way. I...