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simple stick

  1. ark

    Twin Boom Simple Stick Pusher

    Thanks for your help with my questions about using bevel cuts vs a/b folds (I'm now a huge fan of bevel cuts) and also about adding weight or making it longer to get the right CG (I had to make it really long!). I finished my Twin Boom Pusher based on the Hangar Simple Stick and maidened it...
  2. The Hangar

    FTFC20 - April Showers by The Hangar (Simple Stick)

    FTFC20 - April Showers by The Hangar - (Build Skill: 4 - Pilot Skill: 4) Alright, so my entry is the Simple Stick that I made plans for. I uploaded the plans as a resource - Link to plans! I chose to do the Simple Stick since it flies really well and this challenge would give me the kick I...
  3. The Hangar

    Plane Simple Stick V1.4

    The Simple Stick flies great at any speed - with a Power Pack B it's slow enough to fly in very small spaces but with a C pack it really cruises nicely! It glides really well and has very gentle stalls. The wingspan is around 1 meter - 970mm above the spar. For a full flight review, check out...