Simple Stick

Plane Simple Stick V1.4

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First release
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5.00 star(s) 8 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Tiled plans added!

    Now tiled plans are available!
  2. CG mark fixed and power pod added.

    Thanks again for the feedback guys!
  3. Spar fixed, and alignment help added.

    The spar is correct this time - guaranteed. ;)

Latest reviews

Great plane which is an easy build. Looking forward to fly it! 👍
Easy to build and is an excellent flyer.
Thank you so much for designing this amazing plane! It flies great!
Well done. Thank you for all the hard work in producing these plans.
Great plans! Moved wing back 1" to get CG without added weight. Made other minor changes. Fun plane, brother!
It's whatever you want it to be! You can make it a lazy sunday flyer, or a sporty aerobatic platform. It flies beautifully either way. :-)
Very easy build and a great flying foamie!