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  1. thomashyland

    FT Explorer to SkyHunter Explorer Conversion

    Let me start with this, I had a TON of fun building the FT Explorer. It is an amazing lazy-day flyer with the glider wing, and a super thrilling, stunt machine with the sport wing. I had a crash in some super heavy winds and broke the tail boom. I always loved the look of a SkyHunter, but did't...
  2. Vitamin J

    Best of FPV 2013

    My best of FPVing for 2013! Sub for even more in 2014! Copyright free version
  3. Vitamin J

    1st Brushless Gimbal on FPV Skyhunter!

    First post on the forum so I thought I'd make it a good one. This is the first BCG on a Skyhunter that I've seen. This is a prototype for FliteEvolution and soon we will be offering a full kit. The final goal is include pan/tilt/roll functionality.