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1st Brushless Gimbal on FPV Skyhunter!

First post on the forum so I thought I'd make it a good one. This is the first BCG on a Skyhunter that I've seen. This is a prototype for FliteEvolution and soon we will be offering a full kit. The final goal is include pan/tilt/roll functionality.

Thanks dudes. Not sure when FE will be selling the kit. We are trying to work out a design now to be manufactured.

Not sponsored by CS but if you looked at my closet or my planes you wouldn't know it lol. He sponsored our last Colorado FPV meet with a bunch of decals and made us a unique CO design t-shirt.
That shows how important it is to stabilize the yaw axis, otherwise it will look crappy on planes, like shown in the video.
Well when re-inventing alexmos controller, there must be a benefit in functionality or price, let's see what your product will offer.
Yes, the 3rd axis is definitely a priority. We are fans of the Alexmos board and we use them exclusively on our QAV540G builds, we plan to use them with the final version of the fixed wing gimbal as well. The gimbal form-factor, motor selection, and tuning is what we are trying to re-invent.
Here's the first formation video I was able to get with the gimbal. I love watching the other plane bouncing around in turbulence and seeing more detail than normal formation videos. Can't wait to get even better performance.