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  1. ScottyWarpNine

    My Custom Solder Station Caddy

    While this isn't exactly RC content, my soldering iron is a tool that I use very often within the hobby, and this caddy makes it much easier to transport when making trips to the field or to events.
  2. Snowblind

    Creative Reassembly of a Remote

    A plow is a tool, so here it goes! I've made a video detailing most of an very interesting modification to the plow control paddle for my Boss plow. I have been living with some finicky buttons on the remote for my plow for over a year, and finally got annoyed enough to do something about it...
  3. Andre

    Video Rig Upgrade

    Recently I added some hardware to my main video rig. While I'm still saving up to buy a proper video camera these small low cost additon allow me to continue to use my action cameras. When I was doing the Tundra project a few issues became clear. The first one was the lack of monitor. The tiny...
  4. B

    CONCERN: Versacopter V2 with vertical ESC pins on a Naze32

    Hey guys, I hope someone can answer this for me. I have very recently started getting into multirotors and fell in love right away thanks to the youtube videos from Flitetest. My first quad was a 3D printed V-tail ( http://www.thingiverse.com/make:197915 ) and I soldered the ESC pins using...
  5. jaskoller

    Wire Type

    I used the typical stranded wire to wire one of my tricopters just like everyone else when I built it. This was my first tri. I'm now going back and cleaning up the build and I have a wire question for anyone with an opinion. I bought some of the appliance wire that is very stiff and bendable...
  6. M

    CHECK SOLDER JOINTS ON 30AMP BLHeli ESC's if you use them.

    Have you ever had a BLHeli ESC, ever had it on a craft and lost power in-flight? Last week I had that happen, the result was a hard impact crash, it did cause some damage; to my FT Explorer CORE but over all nothing I can't fix.. Had It been on my racer250 quad or one of my other craft, well...
  7. G

    Soldering Iron: Too Hot for Circuits?

    All, I am about to build a Versacopter with the Naze32 Acro. One of the build videos cautions against using too hot of a soldering iron as it could damage the board circuitry. My soldering iron (a fairly small one from Radio Shack) doesn't have a thermometer on it like the fancy one that Josh...
  8. P

    Battery upgrade 500 mah to 2200 mah! Whee! Zooooommmm!!!!!!

    A little upgrade for my Banggood UFO copter. took an 18650 battery and soldered a connector directly to it. Replaced the little 10 gram stick of gum battery that was blowing up like a balloon. Had to remove the landing gear and body and camera but hey it flies! Might fly with the stuff attached...
  9. T

    De-soldering ESC wires

    Hi Fliers, I'm in the process of building a quad and need different length wires on my ESCs (Turnigy Plush 18A). I have tried to melt the solder with my soldering iron. Some parts of the solder melt but soon refreeze when I move to a different area. I give up after a little while as the ESC...