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some cool stuffs

  1. HilldaFlyer

    Episode 121 - Flying Season wishlist!

    Episode 121 - Flying Season wishlist! April 20, 2018 Episode 121 - Flying Season Wishlist Join Steve, Kevin and Fred as we discuss what we're wishing for the 2018 flying season. Thank You so much from the FFRC Podcast crew! Free our skies and we'll see ya next time... To get in touch with...
  2. X

    Some good FPV plane plans?

    Heya FliteTest! So im here once again for advice, mainly on reccomendations for fpv platforms. Im looking for something i can scratch build for fpv. I would idealy like the specs to be: Good flight time Lots of room Stable? (im also quite happy with wings!) Not massively complicated! Size...