Episode 121 - Flying Season wishlist!


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Episode 121 - Flying Season wishlist!
April 20, 2018
Episode 121 - Flying Season Wishlist
Join Steve, Kevin and Fred as we discuss what we're wishing for the 2018 flying season.
Thank You so much from the FFRC Podcast crew!
Free our skies and we'll see ya next time...
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My flying season wishlist...

  • Finish building my 100" Monster FW-42 (biggest build I've tackled so far).
  • Continue my mission to replace every plane in my fleet that I didn't build with one that I did. Next target: the bi-plane.
  • Fly better! Start working on the FAI Club Pattern maneuvers and make practicing that a regular part of my flying routine.
  • Finally get a reliable buddy-box setup programmed / tested / available whenever I go to the field.
  • Volunteer at FliteFest Ohio!!


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Flying season Wishlist... would have to be
  • Get to Flite Fest.
  • Be able to reliably bring home my planes in one piece.
  • Finish the card game.
  • FInish the planes I've started
    • LPL Flying Submarine (WWII Challenge)
    • Kalinin K-12 (WWII challenge)
    • VF-9 (March Madness)
    • Build a Sea-worthy Sea Duck (Christmas Kit)
    • XF5U flying pancake (WWII challenge)
  • Interest 4-people introduced to the hobby. (currently at 2, working on a third)
  • Building a plane wrack and dedicated build space. (currently shares space with three other hobbies and a desire to have a presentable entrance space.
  • Being more involved at the field.
  • Getting my young boys into the hobby.