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    Ft Storch speed build kit.
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  3. K

    Solved Newbie Looking for transmitter/receiver help (read the "which should you buy" sticky)

    I went through the "which transmitter should you buy" thread and didn't find an answer to my current question and that is: Do you need to use a specific receiver/transmitter combo? Or can I buy a Graupner receiver and use it with a Spektrum transmitter? Specifically, I'm considering starting...
  4. D

    Ft Planes Wanted

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had any Ft Planes that don’t have electronics in them or if you have a speed build kit you haven’t gotten around to build. Preferably with electronics but it doesn’t really matter if they don’t have electronics. Will pay for shipping. I’m in the United States...
  5. P

    First foam build - Old Fogey - can't get it to fly!

    I sure do hope someone here can put me on the right track.... this hasn't been the best introduction to foam building. :( [CONTEXT] My wife and I are relatively new to the hobby - she got me an E-Flite Apprentice for Christmas, and we've been flying a ton ever since. She got herself a...
  6. S

    Avro Vulcan

    I may be late to the party here but have you guys ever designed or built an Avro Vulcan for the mini or swappables range? If you made a Vulcan the same size as the mini warbirds/ F22 I would buy one in a heartbeat. It was such a shame to see it go out of service earlier this year and it would...
  7. J

    What could I build with these parts?

    I'm interested in trying out some fixed wing flight and i have some extra parts from my 250 Quad build but I'm not sure if these parts are suitable for any of the fixed wing foam board builds highlighted here at flitetest. I'm hoping to only buy some few little bits to be able to build something...
  8. T

    FT Racer on its way!!

    Hi all, Firstly, I would like to thank you for a great site! Wow! I cannot believe I might actually, finally be able to afford flying...! I taught myself over a long period of time with only my flight simulator. Then I paid for lessons at our local club around 7 weeks ago, and have not had a...
  9. OGBugsy

    Afterburner on Viggen Mod issue.

    I ran into a problem with the afterburner mod. The 70mm EDF setup runs off 4s lipos (3s as well but under powered), and the brushed esc's i can find for lipos, only go up to 3s. The LED's for the afterburner just flash with the 4s instead of gradually getting brighter with 3s. I tried powering...
  10. RoyBro

    Speed Build Challenge

    Here's a show idea that might even generate some sales for you. Pit Josh Bixler against Josh Scott in a race to build a Nut ball, or FT Flyer, or whatever. But here's the twist. Josh Bixler does a scratch build and Josh Scott uses a Speed Build Kit. I'm sure it would be an interesting and...
  11. RoyBro

    Speed Build Challange

    Ok, this might even generate some sales. Pit Josh Bixler against Josh Scott on how fast they can build a Nutball. But here's the twist. Josh Bixler has to do a scratch build while Josh Scott uses a Speed Build Kit. I'm sure it would be a an entertaining challenge.:D Roy