What could I build with these parts?


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I'm interested in trying out some fixed wing flight and i have some extra parts from my 250 Quad build but I'm not sure if these parts are suitable for any of the fixed wing foam board builds highlighted here at flitetest. I'm hoping to only buy some few little bits to be able to build something from the stores available speed build kits.

I have:

cobra 2204/1960kv
gemfan 5x3 props and 6x3 props
FrSky X8R
1300mah 3s lipo

What could I build that would fly well with these parts? I think i may have to get bigger props at the very least but I'm hoping to repurpose these parts since I didnt need them for my quad. I'm leaning towards getting a power pack with one of the speed builds (i like the corsair) but funds are tight ATM.
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Crazy Goats

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hmm.... im not an expert so dont take my word for it but you might be able to fly a old fogey or something. Or maybe a tiny trainer, or some other mini. It looks pretty small to me. for a mini you would need a smaller battery I think.