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speed wing

  1. P-40 Warhawk

    P-40 Warhawk

    This was my first speed wing plane, and slippery it was. Nearly frictionless flight compared to what I had flown before
  2. Air-headed Aviator

    C.8 Swoosh Mk II

    Hello Flite Test Community, I'm excited to share to you a prototype of mine, the C.8 Swoosh Mk II The C.8 is the second version (technically third) of my original scratch build of the same name. I've used the basic Flite Test build techniques to construct the fuselage and tail surfaces, while a...
  3. G

    FT Versa Wing battery question

    Hi everyone, I am almost done building my FT Versa Wing and the battery I am using is a Kinexis 3200mah 3s 30c, and when I cut out the hatch in the front for it and test fit the battery, I found out that the battery sticks out about 3/8th to 4/8th inches and my question is because this is a...
  4. G

    FT Versa Wing motor question

    Hi everyone, I just got an FT Versa Wing to use at Flite Fest and the motor I got for it is a Suppo 2212/6 that weighs 51 grams and my question is if this motor is too heavy to be used in a pusher configuration? Thanks!