1. M

    Naze32 Spider (deadcat) configuration

    Hi Everyone, I wouldn't consider myself a noob with multi's but I am a noob as far as building my own and programming the flight board, which is where my question comes from I have looked around on the forums for a little bit trying to find anyone that has set up a naze32 board for a deadcat...
  2. Snarls

    Snarls' 500mm Spider Quad Build

    Hello everybody. A few months ago I built a large quadcopter (680mm) capable of carrying a large camera gimbal as a project for my last year in highschool. The project was a great success and I ended up with a very stable, gentle flying quadcopter. At the same time I learned what was good and...
  3. D

    Are "expo" settings used with a quadrocopter?

    I'm in the process of building the electrohub spider quadrocopter and want to know if "expo" settings are used with this build. I've been flying airplanes now for 2 years and using expo but this is my first quad build. I did buy a Blade Nano to practice on but I didn't see anything in the...
  4. I

    APM and "Dead Cat" Frame

    On the episode where they introduce the Electrohub kit, Bixler mentioned that APM has a specific configuration for "dead cat" style (also known as "spider")quadcopters. Does anyone know what setup he is talking about? I can only see +,X, and V. I've tried mine in X mode but it seems suboptimal.