Naze32 Spider (deadcat) configuration


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Hi Everyone,

I wouldn't consider myself a noob with multi's but I am a noob as far as building my own and programming the flight board, which is where my question comes from I have looked around on the forums for a little bit trying to find anyone that has set up a naze32 board for a deadcat or spider configuration. I know that the setup will be different from an X or + setup (at least I assume it would be). So I was wondering if anyone has previously set up this configuration and got it really dialed in, if anyone has this information could you possibly share the setup? or if you know a good place to read up on it so we can do it ourselves?


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I've had this exact same problem. I was never quite able to figure out the custom motor mixer, so I fly it in the x configuration. It will act funny when you yaw, but dialing in the PIDs takes care of most of the problem.


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It is possible to have a deadcat configuration and still use an X setup. To do this you have to have the four motors forming the points of a square with the FC in the middle. A little off and you'll still be fine. If the motors do not form the corners of a square then you can do a custom motor mix in the FC to account for the difference in distances between motor and FC. Here is a helpful guide on how to do that.


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My spider oscillated on forward flight and somewhat when banking. At the time I thought it was my P or I gains being to high and lowered them, making for a bad flying experience and still oscillating when not just hovering. Oscar Liang's custom motor mix Snarls linked to solved this entirely. I'd definitely try to get my head around it (it isn't as hard as it seems at first) and it doesn't have to be 100% exact. You basically just have to lower the Throttle input for your rear motors because they are closer to the pitch and roll axis and thus need less power to move the craft in those directions. The front motors stay at 1.0 and for my setup the rear motor where something like 0.87 for roll and 0.84 for pitch.