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  1. A

    Is The Versacopter A Good First Multirotor?

    As Christmas approaches I am thinking of getting a Versacopter for my first multi-rotor and I am curious if this is a good decision. I want a small drone plat form that I can later upgrade, and the versacopter is right in my price range. If the versacopter is a horrible starter multi-rotor...
  2. F

    I'm torn.

    I'm torn whether to get the inductrix fpv rtf or the eachine racer 250 rtf or the eachine wizard x220. I'm just starting with fpv and drone flying in general. I want to know which one is better for the price. Please tell me or recommend a good starter fpv drone. Thanks in advance. P.S. I want...
  3. J

    How should I take my very first step?

    So I've been watching the show for about two years now and have always wanted to fly RC in some sort of way, but never broke down and tried it. I've watched the beginners series, but they were done before the last few rounds technology booms. Here's the question: Do I get started in multiroters...
  4. X

    Don't know what kind of radio to get?

    Im very new to the RC hobby but have been buildings models for some time (throw and glide ones). I want to start with the Mini FT22 but am not sure what other parts I will need. I know I need a transmitter and capable receiver- I just don't need something OTT, a plain (pun not intended) and...
  5. A

    First built quad log (Or V-tail?)

    I'm unsure if this will be a V-tail or a quad. I'm more interested in the authority that a Vtail has, with the advantage of the Tri without some of the negatives. (Such as: a motor goes out and the Tri crashes. Same is true for quad or V, but less likely to destroy all things.) I'm also...
  6. mavrik12

    What to get when getting into the hoby

    Hello, I'm completely and utterly new to the hobby. I'm a computer geek that knows how to build. But when it comes to getting part and controllers for my first plane I'm completely lost. I have some parts picked out but I have no idea if they are good ones to go for or if there is a cheaper way...