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Is The Versacopter A Good First Multirotor?

As Christmas approaches I am thinking of getting a Versacopter for my first multi-rotor and I am curious if this is a good decision. I want a small drone plat form that I can later upgrade, and the versacopter is right in my price range. If the versacopter is a horrible starter multi-rotor please let me know. Also I am curious how difficult it will build.


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It may be too late, but yes! The versacopter, as the name suggests, is extremely versatile. Beginner quad, advanced closed-circuit racer, proximity air-to-air chase footage, everything! By all means go ahead and get it.


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If you have had any rc experience I would say that it is an AWESOME starter platform for sure. Like the name says Versatile Copter. Between that and a flight simulator you can be flying in short time IF you take it slow and build it correctly and get some sim time first to get a little muscle memory built up.

I got one for my first quad but I have had a lot of RC experience over the years.


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The wizard is smaller and lighter. it will be a bit more agile I think. BUT its all proprietary parts so there is no "Upgrading" and there certainly is not a way to econo shop parts. The Versa is surprisingly agile as well being bigger. You can watch the Vesaflow FT episode or I have several examples of how it flies up on my crappy you tube page you can compare with. The Versa copter stock build is a tank to learn on and is extremely upgrade-able so it can grow as you do. Then once you are ready for pro gear you can use the Vesa to teach friends or you can convert it to an AP ship


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More than "upgrading" how hard is it to repair?

The eachines are pretty good, but if something goes wrong, you can't swap any parts out to fix it.


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Actually parts are available for the Wizard, there is nothing really proprietary about it. It has a clone SPF3 board, a standard PDB and nice ESC's. No problem to upgrade anything. It's also pretty durable, seems like pretty high quality carbon.

Having said that, I'd still recommend the versa for a first quad. It's a fairly easy build, with a great build video and tons of support here. Personally I think building is important, it's the best way to learn how things work. When you crash, you can fix it - you already know how :)