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    Crashed Grunjet and recently built Stick are having a picnic.
  2. GrizWiz

    Plane EZ Ugly Stick & Ultra Stick Chuck Glider V1.1

    EZ Ugly and Ultra Stick Chuck Glider This fun chuck glider is easy and fun to build. Perfect for beginners and stem classes! The Ugly Stick balances and flies perfectly with a quarter and a nickel in the nose. The Ultra Stick balances with 2 quarters in the nose
  3. Timmy

    Part Hangar's Simple Stick Skins (Blue) 1

    These skins are for @The Hangar 's Simple Stick. They were inspired by @shadeyB 's paint job on one of his jets. Note that the full plans are not the standard size of foam board and that the tiled plans are not all oriented the same way with respect to each other. Also only parts that have blue...
  4. R

    How about a 50" Stick

    Hi Guys! I would like to see an FT version of an 50" ugly stick.
  5. S

    Slow stick

    Hi Guys, I am new to flying and wanted to build a slow stick flyer with a square carbon fiber and some foam. Does anyone have any good plans for the plane I can use. Thanks, Sid
  6. S

    Getting velcro to stick?!

    Any tips on how to get velcro to stick to foam? Best glue? I don't like spending the money on the adhesive velcro so I am looking for a good alternative. I've tried super glue and hot glue and neither seems to work too great, especially for the battery on the bottom of the swappables. Thanks.
  7. Maingear

    Hot Glue - FAQ

    Hot Glue threads: Hot Glue gun help Battery Operated Hot Glue Gun hot glue gun Hot Glue battery powered, hot glue gun.... Recommend A Glue Gun Scratch-build Glue Suggestions? Sweet deal on the Surebonder CL-800F cordless hot glue gun! best cordless hot glue gun hot glue brittle in the cold Hot...
  8. jsut210

    Servo Suggestions For SPAD Stick

    Hello, I am just not starting to get the parts in order for my next build. I'm planning to use a Ryobi 31cc engine that I've converted and throw it on this: . My question is about the servos that I should use. At first I was looking...
  9. M

    My First Crash

    Today my knuckle quad fought with a tree and lost. :( I found the poor creature on the ground missing a leg and propeller. I took it back home, fixed it up, and tested it out. One of the motors started spinning later than the others and stopped spinning earlier. I unplugged the battery and...
  10. D

    A bigger stick

    Ok, A little while ago I posted some pics of the stick style fuse I made for a leftover wing we had, and mentioned that I'd like to scale it up a little and build up a wing as well. So I did, and this..hopefully will be a build log for my stick. I drew up the plans myself in CAD. Pretty much...