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My First Crash

Today my knuckle quad fought with a tree and lost. :( I found the poor creature on the ground missing a leg and propeller.

I took it back home, fixed it up, and tested it out. One of the motors started spinning later than the others and stopped spinning earlier. I unplugged the battery and spun each motor by hand. When I turned the working motors, they seemed normal, but the motor that started later has a spot where it seems to stick a little bit. I looked at the shaft coming out of the bottom of the motor, and it seems straight. The quad flies normally too.

Should I be ordering another motor? Is there a way to repair this sticky one? I really dislike the idea of ordering just one motor from hobbyking and paying all that shipping! It is this one by the way: :mad:http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=18150
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Pull it apart and see if you can find the sticky. It could be as simple as something like debris in the can or a bent shaft or damaged bearing inside.

Also, please warn your models about the dangers of the killer trees!


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I'd order two motors and spare whatnot today.

Then pull the motor apart and look for debris etc like Xuzme said.

Friggin' copter eating trees.... :(
I performed surgery on my flying friend, taking off the affected motor and pulling it apart (damn that little black clip). The shaft did not seem to be bent. I did see this weird black plastic mass (tumor?) near where the wires entered the motor (I should've taken pictures). I assume it is supposed to be there, but it was partially in front of one of the copper coils. So I mashed it down with a screw driver. After putting the motor back on, and the prop back on the motor, I tested it out with the other motors. It starts at the same time as the others now, and ends at the same time as well when throttle is cut on a flat surface.

This has been a good experience in motor surgery. I learned how to take apart a motor.
I have gave my quad a gentle scolding after it had some time to recover from the operation. It says that it will stay away from trees from now on.
I will still be ordering some spare motors and motor parts because there are still telephone poles, buildings, and the ground to run into.


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for the hobbyking i usually wait until i have a bunch of stuff i need then make an order or even split it with friends.

to be honest i usually only need i 1 thing then fill my cart with useless stuff like more motors, esc, props, and random battery so i can get fedex shipping :p