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  1. PlanesAndThings

    A Random Thread! (Everyone can post!) [*NEW POLL*]

    I made this thread for plane ideas that SHOULDN'T be able to work, funny plane ideas, weird things, epic fails, epic success's, and other random things! Post whatever you want! Yes! :)
  2. A

    Drone usage now and possible usage in the future (survey) + A couple of little stories about my Eachine X220

    Hello there! I am doing a project work on drone usage now and in the future and am searching for input because Reddit has been kind of hesitant on providing it and I thought that this would be a good and fairly diverse community to survey. Here is the link if you decide to do it...
  3. F

    My Oversized FT Explorer, Long Version

    If you like a longwinded story, read on. If not, skip to at least chapter 4, the summary. (and it probably could have used some proofreading). I don't know... I wrote this. Love it or leave it but please try to be nice. Chapter 1: The Great Friend After I built my FT Tiny Trainer from a...
  4. J

    We've just finished a huge drones news project!

    Hi All, We've just finished working on a big Drones feature, covering loads of their possible uses, dangers and developments, as well as featuring original images and interviews. Thought that you guys would be interested to see it! You can visit the site here...
  5. Kurt0326

    LIPOS Gone Bad. Tips/Stories

    I have thought about doing this thread for a couple of days now. As I am still relatively new to this hobby, I am still learning. I want to talk about one of the more dangerous pieces of your RC tools, the lithium polymer battery. There are many treads talking about how to pick the right...
  6. Snarls

    Lost and Found

    I want to hear stories of loss and discovery. Everyone has had that one crash where a piece of the wreck goes missing. Whether it is a battery, esc, or that one favorite rudder, loosing parts at the field isn't fun. Then hours, days, or years later you unexpectedly stumble upon the missing...
  7. Jnr Kuzi

    You Guys Are Amazing *Must Read*

    In this post i would like to thank each & every member on this Forum who Has Helped Me & Helped the Flite Test crew to Get into the Rc hobby. I Have always Been an Rc car Guy, But about a year ago, my aunt Got me a 4ch mini Rc Helicopter (Avatar Z008) & ever since then i Never used any other...