1. Maingear

    Multicopter Strikes Passanger Jet

    :mad: What an idiot! I hope the pilot is caught and prosecuted! There is no excuse for this stupidity! I return and land as soon as I think there may be traffic in my area, and I don't fly over 400'! There are near misses reported constantly to...
  2. Barron.Barnett

    Give yourself space when launching...

    Leave your self plenty of space to get stable. Don't launch when the space is going to be extra crowded by your subject matter, and if you have to, just wait for the next run. In other words don't be this guy... Thankfully no one was hurt and it looks like the semi thought it was a bug.
  3. T

    BAD Test with the apprentice s 15e

    Just got the Apprentice S 15 e for Christmas and I turned everything on after building it to do a quick test to make sure everything was working. Something seemed wrong with the rudder so I bent over the plane to check it with radio in hand. To my surprise I hit the throttle by accident and the...