BAD Test with the apprentice s 15e


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Just got the Apprentice S 15 e for Christmas and I turned everything on after building it to do a quick test to make sure everything was working. Something seemed wrong with the rudder so I bent over the plane to check it with radio in hand. To my surprise I hit the throttle by accident and the plane hit me in the leg and arm! I had a deep cut on my arm and a huge bruise on my leg. No stitches needed luckily! Stupid little mistakes gave pain to me that day though. Was not a fun rest of the day :(


Ah man, that sucks. Well, it happens to the best of us, I say "better sooner than later"! But honestly: be careful, props can do ugly things (I do not need to tell you no more now). Does the radio you are using have a throttle cut switch? If so, use it and be careful. If not: be extra careful!

I hope the next time you power up the plane, you will have no issues and experience the live-changing event :)D) called "a successful maiden flight"!


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Does the radio that came with the plane (I'm assuming it is an RTF), have a throttle cut out switch? That was one of the first things I programmed into my Turnigy 9x.

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@ Airforce101 and Roy that Plane comes with the spectrum dx5i I have no idea if it has a throttle cut off or not. I wonder if coming in a RTF if there would be instructions about setting up the tx/rx.