Multicopter Strikes Passanger Jet


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What an idiot! I hope the pilot is caught and prosecuted! There is no excuse for this stupidity!

I return and land as soon as I think there may be traffic in my area, and I don't fly over 400'!

There are near misses reported constantly to the FAA by commercial pilots, now we have this idiot!
Drone Strike 1.jpg Strike 2.jpg Strike 3.jpg
:mad: COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

I hope everyone will voice their outrage publicly as this irresponsible person disregarded common sense and everyone's safety.

PLEASE!!!! Go to as part of your preflight and include someone that is unfamiliar with this hobby and educate a stranger!!



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This vid has been moving around the internet for a few weeks now . . . and is CGI.

You, sir, have been SCAMMED.


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What really annoys me is every time the subject of "killer drones" comes up someone always mentions that video and pulls it up on their phone. I've probably told more than 30 people that the video is fake...including friends and family! Most of them I had to pull out my phone and SHOW them articles that prove it is fake.

How sad. When people just don't know we forever have to be on defense :mad:
Why can't that article of the guy that saved people with his inspire go viral? Answer... People only want drama, death, and destruction. That is why the news is all about "THE SKY IS FALLING!!!"... If it bleeds, it leads...