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  1. A

    Build quad for the 1st time, need help, have tried everything and still cant fix it.

    Hello guys! Before i relate my problem i want to say that i have been researching for my problem for one week, have been testing and still cant fix it. So, i have build my first Quadcopter a 360class 8 inch props (i have a whoop also) and i ordered 5 DYS 2212 motors and 5 Multistar 20 A ESC...
  2. M

    Motor Issues

    Hello, I have an Emax motor and ESC. I can sometimes get the motor to spin up to full throttle, but most times the motor seems to skip and turn only slowly. When I do get the motor to spin up I have to carefully feather the throttle to achieve full throttle up. I have set the start force to...
  3. R

    Motor on strike

    howdy! im having a motor that just stops after a while of consistent throttle, any one had this problem so far? when in cleanflight or blhelisuite, i can test the motors, set a low throttle and all motors spin happily ever after :p but! if i set any throttle value on the transmitter (usb...