1. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Dive Test- Using Foamboard to Build Ships- 1:96 USS Dallas SSN-700

    This is a project that I've wanted to tackle for a while- an RC submarine. I know this isn't a plane but here me out- this is Flitetest related I assure you. The issue with building a submarine was the difficulty of scratch building a hull coupled with the high cost of a reliable dive system-...
  2. FoamyDM

    FTFC'18 WWII - Ushakov LPL Flying Submarine by FoamyDM

    While rolling down the Soviet/Russian concept plane rabbit hole, I found this beauty. Ushakov LPL Flying Sub Statistics: Crew, man. 3 Takeoff mass, kg 15,000 Flight speed, UZ (km/h) 100 (~200) Flying range, km 800 Ceiling, m 2 500 Quantity and the type of aircraft engines 3 x AM-34 Power...
  3. S

    I have no idea what i am doing.

    Hello! I am in the progress of 3D modeling an RC Submarine, which i plan on 3D printing. I have been looking through to try and find parts that will work for it. Hobbyking has a lot in relation to hellicopters, quadcopters, cars, and boats, but they don't have anything...