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  1. uLightMe

    Show Suggestion: FPV dog-fight with ribbons

    This is my first post at FliteTest. I'm new to the hobby and I'm really enjoying the show you guys put out. I wanted to contribute and as you're always asking for Show Suggestions. Mine is: Air Combat with ribbons. Make it a competition with the winner getting the trophee shampane and...
  2. Jee

    Suggestion: Review the "Hobbyking Yak 55 3D 1096mm EPP (ARF)"

    Hi there, Great show, guys! I just wanted to suggest that you do a review on the "Hobbyking Yak 55 3D 1096mm EPP (ARF)", if you got it in your hobbyking "to-review"-pile. I just received this plane yesterday and build it today - and I must say that I am amazed with the quality and state of...